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How To Modify A 2D Cut File In Silhouette Studio To Create A 3D Keyring Using The Silhouette Alta

My daughter is 8 years old and obsessed with Keyrings! So I decided to put my Alta to good use and make her some keyrings. I started with the ones that are available on the Silhouette Design store, however she wanted a unicorn keyring so I looked to the Internet for inspiration. I found a great tutorial for a Llama Keyring here:

I watched the accompanying YouTube video, but it became clear that this would only work with certain files. I’ve been a Silhouette Cameo owner since its launch and my Silhouette Studio library has thousands of designs. I wondered if there was a way I could convert these files to create something similar. Guess what? There was! I also found it was hard to get a good finish by painting so I found a way to make inserts that could be printed using different colour filaments or painted separately.

I wanted to use lots of different colours so I ordered a Rainbow pack from Amazon (This is marketed for 3D pens but the PLA is compatible with the Alta) This can be found here:
**Please note this is an affiliate Link**

Here is a tutorial showing you how I created the Unicorn Keyring using a Lori Whitlock file from the Silhouette Design Store. Design ID # 245998

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